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Jane Houston (ジェーン・ヒューストン) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED MSV.


Natural; Earth Alliance Ensign[1] , and underwater ace pilot, pilots a prototype GAT-X255 Forbidden Blue and a GAT-706S Deep Forbidden mass production amphibious mobile suit; nicknamed "White Whale" by ZAFT pilots for her underwater prowess; former lover of Edward Harrelson. When Edward becomes the most prominent member of the U.S.S.A. rebellion against the EA after the war ended he broke off their relationship, much to Jane's anger. Also when he defected, he stole his own Sword Calamity and a Raider Full Spec. Several aces were sent after him, including Morgan Chevalier, Rena Imelia, and Jane Houston. Jane Houston was the first to engage Edward Harrelson in battle. Jane Houston with her Forbidden Blue and Edward Harrelson with his GAT-X133 Sword Calamity battle it out, but the two reconciled their differences. It was actually expected of Jane to defect to Edward's side, thus EA command gave her false data on the plan's second phase should she fail. Jane was told that the Earth Alliance would launch an orbital missile attack against Edward's base, but this was a trap to lure Edward into space where Morgan Chevalier was waiting. Jane would later help Ed against Earth Alliance forces, using her Forbidden Blue held off a squad of GAT-706S Deep Forbidden.



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