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Jamaican Daninghan (ジャマイカン・ダニンガン?) is a character from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.

Personality & Character

Jamaican is the quintessential Titans officer, arrogant and heavily abusive towards his own men, and openly looked down upon every last one of them. As a Titans staff officer, Jamaican was one of Bask Om's top henchmen, and often took point as the Titans primary field commander, allowing Bask to administrate more from behind the scenes. Unlike his superior however, Jamaican was not opposed to having spacenoids included in the Titans, believing that such an action may lessen the AEUG's influence in space. Jamaican's smug attitude often causes him to come into conflict with certain other Titans; specifically Paptimus Scirocco and Yazan Gable.


Assigned to pursue the AEUG flagship Argama after the rebels stage their daring raid on the Titans headquarters, Jamaican took command of the cruiser Alexandria and chased the Argama back and forth across the Earth Sphere. When the AEUG's forces head to Earth to attack Jaburo, he returned to Gryps. Months later, he continued to command the Alexandria during Operation Apollo. After the operation, Jamaican took command of the Titans garrison from Scirocco, and ultimityle lost the city during the AEUG's recapture of Von Braun. To rectify his humiliation, Jamaican attempted to drop a colony on Granada, but through the actions of the AEUG, the colony misses its target.[1] After the failed colony drop, he decided to return to Gryps to resupply, but Yazan has other ideas. During the Skirmish at the Gwazine Wreckage, Yazan manipulated AEUG pilot Emma Sheen to fire her Super Gundam's long beam rifle at the Alexandria's bride, killing Jamaican for him. [2]



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