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The JMS-W04 Wars-Mo is a mobile suit which appears in the manga series Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Dust. The unit is piloted by Taganas Takaya.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Wars-Mo, despite being a new mobile suit design, features a head height of 18.5 meters. This is because during the Space Warring States Era, a larger mobile suit is seen as more powerful. Additionally the perception of smaller-scale mobile suits has shifted; they are seen as high-tech and thus prone to failure due to a lack of parts and capable engineers. Its armor is also very thick, as the era's reliance on physical weaponry made thicker armor more desirable than mobility. There was also a situation where the MS main armament was switched from beam weapons to substantive ammunition, and the reliability of physically thick armor was increased. In addition, large machines have large capacity when remodeled, and when combining parts from multiple models of different ages and operating them, large machines worked better than small machines

The Wars-Mo was marketed as a "Work" mobile suit, and thus it has no fixed armaments, except for forearm-mounted beam shields as they were seen as protective armaments rather than weapons. However, it is compatible with armaments such as beam sabers. The Gundam-type head mask seen on the unit piloted by Taganas is custom made, and was designed for intimidation purposes.


  • Beam shield

Defensive weapons equipped on both arms. Although nominally "defensive," it implies that the presence of this equipment can equip beam weapons. It can be deployed to the front by bending your wrist and can also be used for fighting battles.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Gundam mask
A Gundam-style mask made in Taganas colony. Taganas is used as a psychological effect for colony residents, but it does not mean that they have a strong Gundam-like appearance. Also, because it is basically a decoration, it does not mean that the performance of the aircraft will improve if it is attached.


A mobile suit developed in the Jovian space colonies, the "W" in the model number stands for "Work".

The mobile suit was designed with exporting in mind, as the colonies sought to acquire funds. To avoid issues with transporting the mobile suit around the Earth Sphere, it is marketed as a "Work"-type mobile suit. In total 20 units were produced and sold in U.C. 0165 to clients in the Earth Sphere. One such unit appeared in U.C. 0168 piloted by Taganas.


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