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JDG-010 Devil Gundam Junior is a prototype DG-Cell infested mobile fighter appearing in the SD Gundam G Generation games. The unit itself is considered part of the Future Century Time-line.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A mysterious mobile fighter, the JDG-010 Devil Gundam Junior was apparently developed on its own from a collection of DG cells that was left behind by the original JDG-00X Devil Gundam. Although much smaller than its "father", the Devil Gundam Junior retained all of the original's brutal power. Its primary ranged weapon, much like the original, was a mega devil flasher mounted in its chest. Additionally, the Devil Gundam Junior could rapidly spread its DG cells and infect other living matter.

However, the Junior also featured several deadly new abilities that its predecessor lacked. One such feature was its four Deva King bits. These four pods, typically stored on the machine's spiked legs, could detach and transform into half-imitations of the Devil Gundam's Four Heavenly Kings. Each bit focused on one of the Four Kings, sprouting Gundam Heaven's Sword's wings and claws, Grand Gundam's horns, Walter Gundam's tentacles, or the upper body of the GF13-001NHII Master Gundam.

While the original Devil Gundam's corrupted program was Destroy humanity and make Earth clean, Devil Gundam Junior's program is Enslave humanity and dominate Earth. To match its goal, the Devil Gundam Junior has evolved with the Slave Control ability.


  • Mega Devil Flash
A powerful beam weapon. Not much is known about it.
  • Deva King Bit
Four bits based on the Four Heavenly Kings. They possess weaponry that corresponds to whatever Heavenly King the bit represents. The Bits are most likely controlled through the DG Cells.

System Features

  • DG Cells
The DG Cells on the Devil Gundam Junior enable it to heal, evolve, and replicate itself. It also gives it the ability to control other DG Cell infested beings.
  • Slave Control
By releasing powerful psychowaves, the Devil Gundam Junior may control humans without using the DG cells.


Some reports say that a Devil Gundam Junior was spawned in the Guyana Highlands some time after the 13th Gundam Fight, but these remain unconfirmed.



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