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J.J. Sexton (J・J・セクストン?) is a fictional character from the manga Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt. A Zeon scientist who was in charge of the RPD project, he has defected to the South Seas Alliance.

Personality & Character

A driven and selfish individual, he treats the Living Dead Division pilots as lab rats to advance the RPD project further. Moreover he is a coward as seen when he pushes a wounded man out of the away to use his escape pod for himself.

Skills & Abilities

A engineer and scientist for the Zeon military, he works on the RPD projects mobile suit.


Sexton is the Project lead for the "Reuse P. Device" (RPD) project which is based with the Living Dead Division on their Papua-class flag ship the Dried Fish. Sexton and his team is trying to develop the “Reuse P (Psycho) Device”, which is a next generation operating system that has the potential to operate a mobile suit's limbs by communicating to the drive system of the mobile suit directly via thoughts. Even individuals with little piloting experience can master the controls in a short period due to this system. Whether the system is being made to increase Zeon mobile suit combat capabilities or to allow for the now inexperience cadre of pilots that Zeon has turned to at the end of the war is unknown. [1]

The Living Dead Division was a unit whose personnel were primarily made up of severely wounded combat veterans who were placed into an auxiliary or combat support role. Because of this Sexton believes that his project will have numerous test subjects for it.

As combat with the Moore Brotherhood and the FA-78 Full Armor Gundam (Thunderbolt Ver.) intensifies Sexton becomes desperate to finish his project. After Daryl Lorenz loses an arm in battle, Sexton convinces both Captain Burroughs the Living Dead commander and Karla Mitchum to appeal to Daryl to volunteer to amputate his remaining arm to better sync with the MS-06R Zaku II High Mobility Type (Reuse "P" Device) [2].

During the evacuation of the Dried Fish, Sexton sneaks through a pile of injured soldiers and jumps into an escape pod. He was believed to have been killed as many of the escape pods were destroyed by Io Fleming in his Gundam. However it is later learned that he survived after being found by one of Levan Fu's recovery ships. He was later seen as a member of the South Seas Alliance, having become one of the chief scientists and producing a new Reuse "P" Device Zaku II for them. [3].



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