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Its Name: Gundam (その名はガンダム Sono Na wa Gandamu?, also translated as Its Name is Gundam) is the second episode of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. It first aired on October 12, 2002 (January 8, 2012 for the HD Remaster version) in Japan.


ZAFT is able to steal four of the five G Project prototype mobile suits, leaving only the GAT-X105 Strike. With Murrue Ramius unable to pilot it effectively, Kira pilots the Strike and defends Heliopolis against the invading ZAFT forces to protect his friends. Ensign Natarle Badgiruel takes command of the new mobile assault ship Archangel with the surviving crew members.


Act One

Strike disables GINN.png

Just outside the entrance to the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam's cockpit, Murrue Ramius falls down after being shot by Athrun Zala prompting Kira to run over to her. Athrun runs up the left leg of the Strike with a knife and Kira sees the face of his old friend. Murrue fires two shots at Athrun but he jumps away, getting back into his GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam.

Act Two



* denotes new characters.


* denotes new mecha.

  1. ZGMF-515 CGUE*
  2. Archangel-class*




  • Some DVD releases of the Episode features one scene of the Strike firing the CIWS in two different sound effects.


  • During the Strike's activation sequence, OMNI Enforcer is misspelled as "OMNI Enfarcer". This error was not corrected even in the HD Remaster.
  • The Vulcan Gun/Igelstellung & the Armor Schneider Assault Knife is misspelled as "Valcan Gun/Igelstelung" & "Assalut Knife/Armr-Scneider" This was corrected in the HD Remastered release, but the Igelstellung's misspelling is retained.

HD Remaster Changes

  • Miguel's GINN's optic glows when he charges to the Strike.
  • Several scenes from the Special Edition release is added in this episode:
    • Kira substituting Murrue as the Strike's pilot.
    • Miguel's GINN being hit by Strike's Vulcan effects was slightly enhanced.
    • A reworked shot of the Strike punching Miguel's GINN, albeit slightly shortened in 0.5 seconds in the first scene.
    • The fixed missing red color on the Strike's antenna forehead.
    • Close-up of Strike's back thruster.
    • The Strike charging to Miguel's GINN.
  • Newly Animated scenes:
    • The CIWS Vulcans & the Armor Schneider (except for Igelstellung) had their names corrected.
    • Kira/Strike successfully disabling Miguel's GINN.
    • The self-destruct sequence of Miguel's GINN.
    • Olor's GINN taking damage from Moebius Zero.
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