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As the war rages in Asia, other battles are taking place in other places in the world. Ennil El returns home to Saints Island to find it captured by the New UNE and her fiance Miles Goodman executed along with every public official on the island and their families. Angered, she turns to her friend Lumark Kaoto for a new mobile suit. With the fall of Northernbell, the N.U.N.E. extends a peace treaty to both Estard and the Democratic Republic of Gastar, hoping that the ethnic tension between the two will force one to fold. When Gastar accepts the treaty, the People's Republic of Estard is forced to surrender to the New United Nations Earth. Not happy by the turn of events, General Lee Jackson leads a team of volunteers to the boarder to mount a last stand against the New UNE military. As Garrod and Witz try to rush to the boarder to stop him, they are confronted by a new and deadly enemy...

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