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Piloting the newly redesigned and upgraded Gundam X, now called the Gundam X Divider, Garrod fights off both of the Frost brothers and forces them to withdraw. Angered by their defeat once more at the hands of the boy, Olba rushes in to try and get one last blow in and try and kill Garrod only to find himself meeting one of the Gundams newest weapons. Not wanting his younger brother to be killed, Shagai throws himself and his Gundam Versago into the line of fire to protect him. With the threat of the Frost brothers past, Garrod sneaks into Fort Severn to try and get Tiffa back on his own, using the skills that he developed in his years of living alone and capturing mobile suits. While in the capital building he comes across a dark secret of the Mayor and also learns that Carris is actually a Cyber-Newtype, as well as running into another old enemy whose only wish now is to see him dead.

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