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Ensign, may I ask you one question? Feeling as you do, can you still fire at the enemy

—Isan Ryer

Isan Ryer (イーサン・ライヤー Īsan Raiyā?)[1] is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.

Personality & Character

On the surface, Ryer appears to be a mild yet firm leader, being the only presiding member at Shiro Amada's court martial not to laugh at his idealistic speech. However, this was soon revealed to be a facade. In reality, he was extremely ruthless, willing to stop at nothing in order to achieve victory and secure his own reputation, including sacrificing the lives of his soldiers and giving the order to fire on a hospital ship. Ryer is also very level-headed, remaining calm and collected even when faced with imminent death. His eyes always seemed to be shut, only opening when he is enraged or serious.


Ryer is the regimental commander of the East Asian Front Independent Mechanized Regiment.[2] He first appeared as a member of Shiro Amada's court martial, after he is suspected of betraying the Federation. Although Shiro was ultimately acquitted, Ryer continues to distrust him for the rest of the series, even going as far as to order Shiro's teammates Karen Joshua and Terry Sanders Jr. spy on him; when Shiro deserts, he orders a GM Sniper to execute him. He attempts to destroy the Zeon's base through the detonation of the nuclear engines of his own force's mobile suits, drawing ire from Kojima. He also orders the destruction of the Kergeren, occupied by many wounded Zeon soldiers as its taking off. Ryer is killed by the final blast of the Apsalus III as it takes out the Big Tray he is on.


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  1. Some official sources give his name as Ethan Liar; however, the spelling used in the official English release, Isan Ryer, is what is used on this wiki.
  2. The 08th MS Team official character profile
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