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Carozzo Ronah (カロッゾ・ロナ Karozzo Rona?), better known as Iron Mask (鉄仮面 Tetsukamen?), is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam F91. He is the mysterious commander of the Crossbone Vanguard forces.

Personality and Character

Little is known for certain about the man who would become Carozzo Ronah's early life. Carozzo was a brilliant scientist who married into the Ronah family. Enamored with the philosophy of his father-in-law, Meitzer, Carozzo drove his wife Nadia into the arms of another man, as she desperately sought to escape the family.

Furious and grief-stricken at the betrayal, Carozzo rededicated himself to Cosmo Babylonia's belief in a human race that ruled, rather than was ruled, by its emotions, with the highborn at its head. To this end he submitted to an unknown number and degree of operations that turned him into an artificially enhanced Cyber Newtype. Sealing himself, and his emotions, away behind a face of metal, he took the name Iron Mask.

Though Iron Mask cultivates an emotionless persona and, indeed, addresses his duties in a cold and uncaring manner, he wallows in self-pity, using it to fuel his crusading zeal. What lies beneath his namesake mask is never revealed, as he has promised himself never to remove it until he has accomplished his goal and founded his new empire. In fact, Carozzo continuously speaks about his disgrace and the weakness that allowed him to become a cuckold to those aware of it, citing it as the catalyst that inspired him to don the mask. His self-loathing second only to his rage at being spurned, Iron Mask proves a controlling misogynist, still consumed by his feelings of weakness, tolerating Theo Fairchild only as long as it takes to return both his wife and daughter and lashing out at both as soon as the situation allowed.

Given control of the Crossbone Vanguard and Cosmo Babylonia's military forces, Iron Mask is a canny and secretive commander, raising an army, leading them to great success, and using the chain of command to hide the true horror of his plans from the rest of his troops. Seeking to bring the world that Meitzer envisions to life, Iron mask devises a plan to cull the human population by 90%, using Bugs, drones specifically designed to track and murder civilians. He seems to value hierarchy and obedience, keeping the Bugs' existence secret by entrusting the particulars only to those directly below him, his second-in-command even insisting that it is classified above his station when directly confronted about the program. When the existence of the Bugs is revealed to the enemy, his own daughter even wonders if Meitzer is aware of the plan.

Skills & Abilities

As Iron Mask, Carozzo possesses superhuman strength and mental powers. Though the extent and particulars of his gifts are not specified, Iron Mask proves able to control a truly staggering number of Psycommu weapons, shrug off numerous bullets to the face, and possibly even kill men with only his mind. But perhaps his most dangerous attribute is his unfeeling resolve. A true believer in the Ronah family's insistence that humankind has squandered the earth through overpopulation and lack of discipline, Iron Mask was willing to eliminate 90% of humanity for his mission.

Though he did not pilot a traditional Mobile Suit during the Neo Babylon War, Iron Mask is a formidable opponent, able to effectively pilot the heavily armed Mobile Armor 'Rafflesia'. His mask allows him to interface directly with the Armor and control its countless appendages, beam weapons, and other Psycommu weapons. However, even Iron Mask's significant enhancements did not allow him to fully process the sheer bulk of information created by the Rafflesia's complexity and the Metal Peal-off Effect of the F91 Gundam nor to ignore his own rage and he was killed by his own weapons as they focused solely on killing Seabook Arno.



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