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Please note that this is the Gundam Wiki's article on the evolutionary classification of human beings in Mobile Suit Gundam 00; if you are looking for the article on the group of antagonist Innovades during Season 2 of the same Gundam Series then you should head to Innovators (Group).

Setsuna's Innovator Eyes

Innovators (イノベイター Inobeitā?) is the classification of natural humans that have evolved to utilize quantum brainwaves in Mobile Suit Gundam 00; it's also called 新人類 (literal meaning New human), same kanji as the Newtype in the Universal Century. An Innovade group, self-proclaimed Innovators also exist; they are the artificial genetic design version of the true Innovators.


Generally called Genuine or True Innovators (also sometimes Pure-bred Type Innovator), they are humans that naturally evolved from exposure to concentrated high grade GN Particles. The evolutionary process is also called Innovation. The full capabilities of a naturally evolved Innovator are unknown, as Setsuna F. Seiei and Descartes Shaman are the only documented and observed cases. With only minimal observation of Descartes, observation of Setsuna is the only consistent resource as to the capabilities of a True Innovator.

In theory, a Genuine Innovator has the ability to sense other users of quantum brainwaves (QBWs), possesses telepathic abilities that allow him or her to sense the thoughts and feelings of neighboring people, enhanced reflexes and a sense for danger precognition, and the capability to utilize the special propeties of high grade GN particles to communicate emotions/feelings out towards other people. They are also said to be able to live twice as long as a normal human. It is not clear whether a True Innovator is capable of interfacing with machinery like an Innovade can other than those designed for such purpose, though it is suggested that they may do so through an innovade as seen in the movie Setsuna linked with Tieria/VEDA to process the ELS's thoughts. The scope and depth of a True Innovator's abilities aren't fully defined due to the limited explanations offered, with much of their abilities only defined by speculation and observation. Their use of quantum brainwaves is classified as A-Class,[1] surpassing those of Innovades (B-Class users)[1] and the HRL's Super Soldiers (C-Class users).[1]

According to Ian Vashti, Innovation is caused by the GN Particle's special state in Trans-Am[2] (Trans-Am Raiser and Trans-Am Burst System specifically). He theorized that it may be possible that this special state of GN Particles can even be felt regardless of range, and that more possible genuine Innovators have awakened as a result of the Trans-Am Burst that Setsuna used during the final battle with the Innovators.[3] In addition, he is also worried that the Earth Sphere Federation, having now gained possession of the Trans-Am System technology, will eventually notice its relation to Innovation.[2]

By AD 2364, 40% of the human race had become Innovators, as evidenced by the fact that the expedition members on the space ship Sumeragi are all Innovators. They have peacefully integrated into the human society and performs different jobs alongside regular humans. Their abilities (as revealed in 00 movie narration) are the capability to use quantum brainwaves to communicate with each other and machine interfaces designed to do so, increased spatial awareness, the ability to use any available information to analyze with a high level of accuracy and predict what will happen. Additionally, they possess roughly twice the life span of a regular human.

Known Innovators


Innovators started appearing within the masses after Trans-Am Burst was used by 00 Raiser in 2312[2] but even in 2314 they remained a relatively unknown phenomenon that was only in its early investigation phase by the ESF government. Many of these affected potential Innovators were targeted by the ELS during humanity's first contact in 2314 due to their high quantum brainwave levels.[4] Some time after 2314, many humans became Innovators as a result of their fusion with the ELS.[5] This caused some Non-Innovators, dubbed as old humans to think of these Innovators as non-humans who had been contaminated by the ELS.[5] Later on this animosity towards Innovators spread to soldiers as well.[5] Within the old human faction, some pseudo-Innovators appeared piloting mobile weapons such as the Gadelaza.[5] These pilots were created as a byproduct of restrainment, forceful cooperation and enhancement via Super Soldier knowhow.[5]

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  • In Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei-hen, Innovator ability will be activated once the required points of morale/will (140 points) of the pilot with Innovator ability has been reached. Once the Innovator ability has been activated, the pilot's Hit, Evade and Critical stats will be increase by 20 points. Moreover, the pilot's SP also recovered by 10 points per turn. Thus, it is arguably considered as one of the best pilot ability in the game, while its only drawback is the need of high morale/will to activate it.


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