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The Individual Information Attestation System is a pilot identification system used in the Anno Domini timeline by Celestial Being's Gundams.

Each of Celestial Being's Gundams is equipped with the Individual Information Attestation System, and is designed specifically to solely authorize one unique Meister per Gundam. This installed MS security system is activated on start-up whenever the Gundam is powered on, either through a trigger via the port connection on the backpack attached to a Meister's suit, or manually using the mobile suit's computer terminal. When activated, an installed horizontal-scrolling retinal scanner reads across the pilot's eyes, and retrieves the pilot's personal information (if any). If the pilot is authorized to operate the mobile suit, the Gundam's start-up sequence will continue uninterrupted; otherwise, the system will cease the Gundam's start-up.

This system is also used to register a new pilot's personal information, using a similar method. Once a Gundam is manually connected with Veda, the system then shares each new registered pilot's retrieved personal information with Veda. It also allows Veda to either authorize/reject pilot privileges, modify a pilot's personal information, or update the system's programming installed on the Gundam itself.

It's also speculated that this system and its scanning method is linked with the Gundams' Black Box Programming, designed by Aeolia Schenberg, as an authorization trigger for specific MS abilities, like Trans-Am Burst System upon Setsuna's completed Innovation.


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