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Indiscriminate Retaliation (無差別報復 Musabetsu Hōfuku?) is the 8th episode of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.


Multiple bombings are made across the world. A message sent from a terror organization say that their actions are a message to Celestial Being to cease their military interventions otherwise the bombings will continue. Lockon is more angry at this because of a similar bombing that happened to him years ago.

Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long sent out a number of intelligence agents to find out who the terrorist organization is. Already, other intelligence agencies of the world are searching. Meanwhile, the girls of the Ptolemaios come down to Earth, wearing "camouflage" -- bathing suits, while they wait for the reports. The Gundam Meisters deploy so they can wait to strike at multiple terrorist bases. Setsuna is later sent to Scotland to apprehend a terrorist but he gets away, later captured by Wang's agents, and Setsuna is nearly arrested by the police. Luckily, he is saved by Marina, who was being moved to a new hotel, believing he was a member of her nation but later learns he is from Krugis. Marina explains that she's trying to negotiate to getting power from the AEU's orbital elevator but feels that Azadistan will fall apart, due to the conservatives relying on fossil fuels that had run out, meaning that Celestial Being will come. She wonders why the use violence to resolve conflict, instead of diplomacy. Setsuna snaps back that when Azadistan and Krugis were 'negotiating', people still died. He reveals his status as a Gundam Meister, which Marina refuses to believe.

Through leaks from various intelligence agencies, Celestial Being confirmed the terrorist organization is the La Edenra, which is also an European Nature Revival Group. These agencies did so because of their limited capabilities to deal with terrorists outside of their own territories. The Gundams deployed, while the girls had a day at the beach. All of La Edenra's bases in different parts of the world are simultaneously destroyed. However, when Exia engages a transport ship, a mobile armor ambushes it though Exia's superior weaponry is able to destroy it.

As Marina returns home, the Exia hovered around her plane.

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