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The Illuminati (イルミナティ Iruminati?) is a paramilitary organization in the Universal Century that appears in the G-Saviour live action movie.


Early Years

Five years before the events of the movie, Philippe San Simeone and several other members of CONSENT noted the shifting balance of power within the CONSENT. Forming a private armed civilian organization, they financed rebel activity against CONSENT to ensure stability in the Earth Sphere. However, there are rumors that the organization has existed in secret for over seventy years, even before the collapse of the Earth Federation in U.C. 0218. The organization consisted mostly of CONSENT defectors, and are based in Side 4, which is part of the Settlement Freedom League.

Prior to the events of G-Saviour, a criminal organization known as Marchosias, attempted to take over Side 4. A Marchosias Bugu entered the colony and attacked the metropolitan area before being stopped by the G-Saviour. Marchosias was wiped out after the Illuminati destroyed most of its space forces.

Light of Gaea

During the battle of Gaea, a squadron of Illuminati's mobile suits, numbering about twice the amount of CONSENT mobile weapons, engaged various Bugus and Rais. Their intervention lead to the Gaea's victory and subsequent declaration as an autonomous region by CONSENT. Following these events, the political landscape became unstable within the CONSENT and thus the Illuminati resolved to interfere as a third-party.

Project Raven

After the appearance of the Gremly Sheep unit of the Congressional Armed Forces, and the Project Raven program, both led by the militaristic Colonel Bais Bashing, the Illuminati sent the Lightning Squad to investigate and destroy the threat.



  • The Illuminati share many similarities to the AEUG and League Militaire of the same timeline.
    • Both organizations are also mostly made up of defectors.
  • The term "Illuminati" is often associated with secret societies.


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