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Ian Vashti (イアン・ヴァスティ Ian Vasuti?) is a character in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Ian is Celestial Being's chief engineer. He is Mileina Vashti's father and Linda Vashti's husband. In Season 1, he served on board the CBS-70 Ptolemaios as systems engineer, reserve ship pilot, and MS mechanic to the Ptolemy crew. In Season 2, he served the CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 along with his family to maintain the ship and Gundams. In A wakening of the Trailblazer, he serves a similar role on board the CBS-742 Ptolemaios 2 Kai.

Personality & Character

Ian is a believer in Celestial Being's cause and their top MS engineer. Together with Joyce Moreno, Ian was recruited into Celestial Being after the two witnessed the battle between GNY-001 Gundam Astraea and a team of AEU-05/92 AEU Hellion Initium. While not everything is understood about his character, he is shown to be: reliable, creative, intelligent, prideful over his creations, a comrade, and an admirer of women. Every time he finishes and unveils a project, he often smirks and enjoys showing off the fruits of his labor. In many times of hardships during their campaign, he has always managed to pull through for the Ptolemy crew in a difficult situation. Ian is also a family man. He's married to fellow CB chief engineer Linda Vashti. Together, they have their energetic daughter Mileina Vashti. As a whole, the Vashti family has dedicated their lives and engineer expertise to the cause of CB. Although married, it never stopped Ian enjoying the sight of beautiful woman. His own daughter considers him a dirty old man whenever he looks at another woman, but he never strayed from his wife either.

Skills & Abilities

Ian is one of the top minds of his time. He excels in MS engineering, various disciplines of advanced physics, robotics, GN technology, programming, and the few that knows how to create a GN Drive. He was also trained to be a CB officer with skills including: ship piloting, weapons control, and use of firearms. Because he practically created the majority of the systems for CB, he has access to all CB machinery and systems. He and his engineering team designed and created the Gundams, from generations 3rd-5th. He also played a role in testing and maintaining the 2nd generations Gundams, which were designed and created before he joined CB.



AEU Military & Joining Celestial Being

Ian was an AEU military lead mechanic during his early days and played an important role in developing the AEU-05/92 AEU Hellion Initium. One day, he and Moreno accidentally witnessed the battle between Gundam Astraea and a team of Hellion Initium. Although Veda ordered their elimination to safe guard the Gundam's and Celestial Being's secrets, three of the four second generation Meisters (Ruido, Marlene and Chall) objected and because of this, Veda came up with a second option: recruit them into the organization. Interestingly, Ian's first response to the Meisters was to question what is the MS they just used to defeat his Hellion Initium.

In Celestial Being, Ian initially did maintenace/repair job and assist in testing of equipments of the second generation Gundams. While working with the second generation Meisters (including Gundam Meister 874) in perfecting their Gundams, he became close friends with them. After the development of the second generation Gundams were completed, Ian played a key role in the development of the third generation Gundams. It's also likely he had everything to do with the development of Celestial Being's ships and support crafts (CBS and GNR series). During this period, he witnessed the developing romantic relationship between Ruido Resonance and Marlene Vlady, the birth of their daughter Feldt Grace, and eventually their death during the incident with Gundam Plutone.

Ian also found love while working for Celestial Being, he met and married Linda, and later had Mileina with Linda. He's also trained various Celestial Being members in MS technical skills, such as Fereshte's Sherilyn Hyde. Once all the third generation Gundams were rolled out, he and his technical staff (between Lagrange 1, Lagrange 3, and/or Krung Thep) dedicated their time in enhancing the combat capabilities of the Gundams with upgrades and rolling out new equipment. After all the Gundam Meisters were selected and ready to train, it's presumed he fine tuned and continued to develop the third generation Gundams in between their military exercises until it was time to implement Aeolia's plan.

World Armed Intervention Campaign

The year is 2307. After two years of fine tuning, development, and training with the Gundam Meisters and their Gundams, the Ptolemaios and crew embark on executing Aeolia's plan. Ian Vashti remains somewhere in one of their resource satellites (L1, L3 and/or Krung Thep) to continue developing Exia's Seven Swords System and Dynames' GN Full Shield to increase their combat effectiveness on the field.



The private military force of Moralia, PMC Trust, and AEU have teamed up to challenge Celestial Being. Ian arrived to the Pacific islands to deliver and complete upgrades on Dynames and Exia. Ian just finished attaching Dynames' GN Fully Shield and was excited to show Setsuna his new GN Blades. While Ian displayed Exia's new GN Blades, Lockon commented how Exia is living up to its original codename, Gundam of Seven Swords. Ian thought Setsuna was being rude with his stoic reaction and not showing appreciation for his hard work, but Lockon explained he's very appreciative about it as Exia is his whole world.

Post Battle

After their victorious battle with AEU and PMC Trust over Moralia, the Gudams returned to Pacific islands, where Ian performed routine maintenance checks on the Gundams. While working, there was news of simultaneous terrorist bombings across the globe. Shortly after the Meister's confrontation with Setsuna, Ian ran to the Gundam Meisters to inform them there has been simultaneous terrorist bombings across the globe. Wang Liu Mei informed the Meisters and Ian that an unknown terrorist group is blackmailing Celestial Being to cease their actions or more people will die. Ptolemy group was told to be on standby as an investigation is underway. Tieria mocked the terrorists for even trying to stop them from achieving their goals. Ian asked, "Regular people are being victimized! Do you really think nothing of it!?" Tieria responded, "No, I don't. Event if an event like this occurs, we must continue to follow our plan. Lockon was offended with Tieria's words, but Tieria reminded Lockon that to the world, they are terrorist themselves. Lockon responded on anger, "So am I wrong to hate terrorists!?" Setsuna commented that they'll end their terrorism with armed intervention, as Celestial Being.

Ian later returned to space, but the Gundam Meisters were subsequently informed the perpetrators were the terrorist group La Edenra. Using the information provided by Wang Liu Mei, the Gundam Meisters destroyed them.

HRL Gundam Capture Operation

With limited resources and repair/maintenance capabilities on Earth, Ian recalled the Meisters to head back to Ptolemaios for an overhaul. Setsuna/Exia and Lockon/Dynames was the last ones to dock with Ptolemaios for maintenance. After Setsuna and Lockon docked, Ian came to greet them and had the Haros and Karels perform their overhaul on the Gundams. Setsuna volunteered to help, but Ian told him to rest up as maintenance is his job.

In between this time, HRL launched an attack on Ptolemaios and crew in attempt to secure a Gundam for study. After Christina Sierra sounded off a tactical alert, the crew prepared for battle stations. Ian informed Sumeragi that he completed work on Exia, but Dynames couldn't use its leg generators and haven't completed attaching the GN Full Shield. Due to the urgent need for Dynames' sniping capabilities, a makeshift stool leg was given for Dynames' left leg to operate in battle. Ultimately, HRL Forces were defeated and the Ptolemy group survived the encounter. Ian later completed his work on Dynames, reassembled Gundam Virtue onto Gundam Nadleeh, and Kyrios' battle damage.

Trinity Armed Intervention Campaign

Throne Investigation

After the Gundam Meisters were mysteriously saved by an unknown second group, Team Trinity, they agreed to meet in space. While the Ptolemy crew met and interacted with the Trinity's, Sumeragi had Ian perform his own analysis on Gundam Throne Eins to analyze their technology. Sumeragi had doubts in trust Veda and had Ian perform his investigative work on a non-terminal computer so Veda wouldn't know what they were up to. Once Ian completed his analysis over Team Trinity's Gundams, he revealed some startling results to the team.

In their group meeting, Ian revealed the following, "On the surface it looks identical, but in the heart of the reactor there's something in the place of the TD Blanket. This drive can only be used for a finite period of time. It seems they're actually using a false 'solar furnace'." Sumeragi suggests that Veda maybe hacked or compromised somehow. The crew surmises there's a traitor in their organization and leaked GN-Technology.

Fighting Team Trinity

After Nena Trinity's random attack upon Louise's family, Setsuna cited the Thrones as a source of conflict and attacked them. Shortly during the fight, Tieria also jumped into the fight against the three. During this time, the rest of the Ptolemy group were observing the fight on their sensors. Ian remarked, "Why are they fighting those Gundams? If they overdo it, they'll turn against us!" Lasse replied, "That's fine by me old man." Litchy concurred, "The actions of the Trinitys are nauseating!" With the group in consensus against the Trinity's, Ian didn't have anything more to say.

Operation Fallen Angels

UN Forces Counteroffensive

After the world forces acquired GN technology, they quickly used the technology to face Celestial Being and formed the UN Forces. HRL focused on the Thrones while Union and AEU focused on Ptolemy and the Meister's. Sumeragi had Lasse and Ian roll out the GNR-001 GN Arms in case they were needed. Ian and Lasse headed to one of their resource satellites with a shuttle to return with GN-Arms. During this time, Alejandro Corner has gained access to Veda's terminal and had Ribbons deactivate the Gundams. While in their first major battle against formidable enemies, all the Gundams deactivated. Sumeragi had the Gundams reactivated with a stand alone operating system and the Gundams successfully fended off UN Forces. Lasse/GN Arms returned just in time to help out the Meisters in their rough situation to bug out UN Forces. Ian shortly returned with the Assault Container and docked with GN Arms. The Meister's returned to Ptolemy to reconnoiter with the crew.

The Purpose of Gundams

While the GN-X Squad was confronting Team Trinity, Setsuna and the rest of the Ptolemy group observes them on the news. The group is contemplating the possibility of defeat as the world has the power to crush them and it was part of Aeolia Schenberg's plan. Setsuna questions the purpose of the Gundams regardless of the situation. Setsuna wonders are current events considered right as the Thrones and the UN Forces were only increasing conflict. He believes that Gundams should end wars, not escalate them. Lockon finished what Setsuna wanted to say, that the fight between the Thrones and UN Forces is a source of conflict that should be stopped. Ian and Allelujah objected to the suggestion of Setsuna/Exia heading to Earth on a solo mission while they're in a dangerous predicament. Setsuna intends to go alone and wanted to confirm, "What purpose do the Gundams serve?". Lockon wanted to join Setsuna, but Lasse argued Lockon should remain behind in his condition. Lasse suggested using the Assault Container since it has atmospheric re-entry capabilities and it was an opportunity to give GN Arms a shakedown. Even though there were concerns, Sumeragi gave Setsuna a last minute mission plan to help him in his mission. With Setsuna/Exia prepped inside the Assault Container, Lasse transported Setsuna/Exia to Earth.

Aeolia's Message

While stationed at Ptolemy, waiting for Setsuna's return and anticipating UN Forces, a series of events happened to trigger the following event. Alejandro Corner just killed Aeolia Schenberg. Around the same time, Setsuna/Exia just engaged Ali al-Saachez/Throne Zwei in a desperate battle of ideals. Coupled with these events, Aeolia Schenberg's system trap activated and released the 5 solar furnace's Trans-Am system and made a sudden appearance in a brief video to all of Celestial Being:

To those who use GN Drives:

I don't know whether you will carry my will, however I entrust you my final hope to you, full utilization of your GN Drives. I hope that you will use them and fight your hardest for the sake of ending war and bringing about a new peace. Not for the sake of Celestial Being, but for the sake of your own wills, as those who have Gundams.
Second Round

Before the second battle, Ian and the rest of the crew headed to Lagrange 1 for repairs and maintenance on all their arsenal. Ian reports that Virtue's battle damage is manageable, but Dynames' was too damaged in the last fight to be repaired, an entire new replacement unit is needed. Once at Lagrange 1's resource satellite, the Ptolemy crew began work on resupplying and repairs to their systems. Ian worked with the Haros and Karels to complete work on Dynames' replacement unit. Sumeragi asked

After Ian and the rest of Ptolemy crew completed their rushed work, the Gundams and their Meisters headed for battle once again. Towards the end of their fight, the overall crew was worried about Lockon's return as there was no communication from Dynames. Everyone was relieved at first that Dynames returned, but Haro's constant cry for Lockon made everyone realized that he was KIA.

Last Stand

In their final stand against UN Forces, Sumeragi had Ian perform emergency maintenance/repairs upon Kyrios and Virtue. In between, Ian dispersed GN particles with GN satellites (under Sumeragi's orders) to confuse enemy e-sensors, but questions the effectiveness of the tactic. Sumeragi then asked for the status of the battle damaged Gundams. Ian answered, "As long as Kyrios doesn't use its aviation mode, it's good to go. Virtue's plating broke off, so it will have to deploy as Nadhleeh. I've prepared its normal weapons." Ian reported it will take more than 8 hours to complete repairs, but Sumeragi requested the work to be done in six. As the crew prepares to face UN Forces, the e-sensors detected a 7 false GN Drive powered mobile armor (Alvatore).

While Ptolemy and it's crew was able to hold on its own against enemy GN-X units, it wasn't faring well against the enemy mobile armor. The second shot made critical damage to the ships port side, including destroying the medical room, where Joyce Moreno was. Ian confirmed Dr. Moreno was killed in the blast through the ship's internal cameras and was upset over his old friend's death. There was little time to mourn for the dead as the GN-X Squadron was nearby. Ptolemy's GN Field is down and Sumeragi called for Ian to join her in the Assault Container. Ian and Sumeragi attempted to defend Ptolemy with the Assault Container, but an enemy GN-X managed to move towards their blind spot and destroyed Ptolemy's bridge. Ian returned fire and destroyed the GN-X, but the blast critically wounded Christina and Lichty. What was left of Ptolemy suffered an overload and blew up both Lichty and Christina. Sumeragi, Feldt and Ian could only watch and cry out for their fallen comrades.

Recovery & Seclusion

After their major battle, Ian and the remaining CB group recovered from their ordeal and went into hiding. As far as the world is concerned, CB was destroyed. Secretly, Ian and the rest of CB quietly rebuilds. Using combat data they acquired during their battles, Ian and his technical team of engineers worked on an entire new series of Gundams. After Aeolia's last message from the block box, it also released technical plans of the Twin Drive System that lead them to develop GN-0000 00 Gundam. Ian and his engineering team went on to developing the new Gundams, despite missing their Gundam Meisters.

Celestial Being Reborn

The year is AD 2312. With the exception of Tieria, Ian and the rest of CB has been without their Gundam Meisters for some time. In between the past four years, Ian and Celestial Being engineers have redeveloped and completed the majority of their work on the new Gundams. He and his team have already begun working on brand new systems for all the Gundams, including support units to increase their combat proficiency.

Twin Drive System Trials

Ian and his technical team completed 00 Gundam, an experimental fourth generation Gundam based on Aeolia Schenberg's theory on synchronized use of two GN Drives. Two months prior to finding Setsuna, Ian and his technical time has been attempting to synchronized the GN Drives by pairing 2 of the 4 GN drives in various combination in hopes to successfully prove Aeolia's theory and create a Gundam more powerful than any created. Tieria assisted in Ian's project by beta testing 00 Gundam's GN Drives; the project was deemed unsuccessful.

The Search for Setsuna

Without Exia's GN-Drive, the Twin Drive System trials has been halted with 00 Gundam. CB decides to venture out into space in hopes to find Setsuna with their new ship, CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2. Ian, Feldt and Lasse once again venture out into space; Ian also brought along his daughter for the ride, Mileina. Wang Liu Mei provided information about a A-Laws battlecruiser heading towards Larange 4 at space colony Proud. Ian talked with Tieria about the matter and Tieria volunteered to sortie with Seravee. After Tieria/Seravee relayed the good news of Setsuna's return and Exia intact, Ian was happy for Setsuna's survival and hoped to work on synchronizing 0 Gundam's GN Drive with Exia's.

Emergency 00 Shakedown

Even with Exia's high resonance with 0 Gundam, the synchronization rate still fell below 70% to safely run. Ian is frustrated as he doesn't understand why the GN Drives can't seem to synchronize at a higher rate. In between this time, Setsuna was returning with Sumeragi and Lockon when there was news of an immanent A-Laws attack. Setsuna had 00 Gundam loaded up to the linear catapult for him to intercept and activate the unsafe 00 Gundam. Ian warned Setsuna that 00 Gundam still have technical issues and strongly advised against using Trans-Am (an unproven theory to balance the Twin Drive System). Against Ian's warnings, Setsuna/00 Gundam activated Trans-Am. To Ian's surprise, Trans-Am worked and successfully synchronized 00 Gundam at 83% stability. Everyone, including Ian, was amazed at the GN particle dispersal and it's power output has been squared. Setsuna sortied 00 Gundam and destroyed all enemy targets.

Rescue Allelujah Haptism

Anti A-Laws Campaign

Working with Saji

While traveling underwater, Ian was working with Saji on doing routine maintenance on the Ptolemy. Ian asked Saji to work because of his Class 2 Space Engineering license and if Saji didn't work, he wouldn't eat. Saji curiously asked why Ian got involved with Celestial Being, and he tells Saji,

Once you've encountered something as disgusting as a battlefield, you only want to do away with war. My comrades here are all the same. Those who send those to the front line of the battlefield. Those who had their bodies modified by the military. Those who have lost their families to terrorism. Those who were made into guerillas. Everyone has lost something dear as a result of war. That's the truth of the world we live in.

Middle East Conflict

Return to Lagrange 3

Ian received news of the completion of 0 Raiser and GN Archer. With the urgency of the new support units, Ian leaves the Ptolemy's maintenance and repairs to Meleina's care. He parts with the Ptolemy crew and heads to L3 ahead of them to finalize calibrations of 0 Raiser with 00's Twin Drive data. He takes a linear train back into space to finalize work on the new units. While heading up, Ian takes time to review data over 00's Twin Drive System. He works and talks out loud, "Who'd have thought the particles emitted by the Twin Drive would cause the suit to scream out like that...but if we have the 0 Raiser, we can cover that too. No, It will become a suit surprising any other Gundam." Because it was never explained how he got to L3, it was only presumed he took a CB shuttle to return the resource satellite

Once at the L3 resource satellite, he went with Linda to oversee the finished products at the development hanger. Because he's only seen 0 Raiser in the data schematics, he was excited to see the finished product. "Ooh, so this is it!?, as Ian flies closer for a look. Linda replies, "It's unit number is GNR-010. Its name is the 0 Raiser." Ian happily retorts, "You've outdone yourself Linda! If we have this, then 00 is invincible!"

Destroy Memento Mori

Ian and the rest of the group had a meeting, sensors have detected an unusual heat signature. When the crew gathered to see the anomaly, Sumeragi confirmed it was a caused by a satellite weapon (Memento Mori). Sumeragi made the decision to destroy the Federation's satellite weapon as soon as work on Ptolemy II is complete.

Innovator Revelation

As the crew was about to prepare for Memento Mori, Tieria stopped everyone to reveal the existence of Innovator and their intentions. The crew finally learned of the shadow group of living bio-terminals that was responsible for creating Team Trinity, the three Throne Gundams, and 30 GN-X units with false GN Drives to the United Nations. Lyle asked why didn't Tieria say anything sooner. Tieria reasoned his silence was because he was conflicted as an Innovator who were created to follow Aeolia Schenberg's plan. Setsuna announced with confidence, "I'll destroy them...I'll defeat A-Laws and exterminate Innovator...I will, through my own will." The crew concurs with his sentiment.

Delivering 0 Raiser

A-Laws attacked the Larange 3 base just as Ian and the rest of Celestial Being were preparing to leave L3. Caught by surprise, the crew takes emergency measure to combat A-Laws. In between the battle, Ian continues to fine tune 0 Raiser until it's capable of being used for 00 Gundam. During the battle, Revive/Gadessa fired a particle beam, straight into the hanger bay where Ian was working. Ian was not mortally injured, but was too badly injured to sortie with 0 Raiser. Ian had Saji Crossroad deliver 0-Riser instead.

Battle of Memento Mori

Due to Ian's injuries during the A-Laws attack, Ian was recovering inside the medical pod with Ptolemy II. Ian was resting throughout the whole battle and didn't know anything until afterwards.

Crashed & Hunted on Earth

Just as the Ptolemy II crew enjoyed their victory over destroying Memento Mori, Innovators came for a surprise attack at their weakest moment. Bring/Garazzo, Revive/Gadessa, and Divine/Empress attacked Ptolemy II and breached the port stern. With all the Gundams still recharging their GN particles from the Memento Mori battle, there was no chance to retaliate. Ptolemy II used the inertia of their assault to speed their descent to Earth while releasing a smoke screen to partially blind the Innovators and exaggerated the damage they've sustained. The ship and crew survived crash landing back on Earth and began emergency repairs. With the exception of functional engines, their weapons, navigation, and communications have been badly damaged. On top of that, Setsuna/00 Raiser got separated from the group during their Innovators attack. Ptolemy II is now relying on the camouflage system to keep them temporarily safe from A-Laws detection as they try to restore the mothership to working order. Unknown to the crew, A-Laws and Innovators are secretly tracking their position through Anew Returner.

Ian finally woke up, feeling groggy, he realized as he got off the medical pod that the ship had gravity again. He realizes they were on Earth and decided to walk out of the room when he shockingly realized there was a gaping hole on the port stern of Ptolemy II. After he dressed up in uniform, Tieria, Lasse, and Meleina filled in on what happened between recovering. His daughter was unusually optimistic and too cheerful for him to understand her reactions.

New Designs & Creating GN Drives

Sometime in between AD 2312-2314, Ian and his team poured over the data Veda had accumulated since Ribbons' insurrection. In between Innovators' hold on Veda, they had added in vast amount of technical engineering data on MS designs and various systems that exceeds CB designs. Among the data they reviewed, they discovered Innovators had continued to develop their GN T Drive technology in their quest to create a true GN Drive. They also found data on their Twin Drive System, their GN Fang designs, Quantum Brainwave Control System, and a draft design to 00 Qan[T]. With Veda's assistance and along with CB engineers, they unlocked the secrets of creating a GN Drive once again. Spearheading the new MS projects was Ian and Linda. Linda agreed to develop the new GN Drives and 00 Qan[T] near Jupiter while Ian completed construction on the new Gundams.

ELS Conflict

AD 2314, it has been two years since the disbandment of the A-Laws and Innovators. As CB continues to monitor the new ESF administration, Ian has since completed work on the GN-010 Gundam Zabanya and GN-011 Gundam Harute. As Linda nearly completes the new Twin Drive System and 00 Qan[T], Ian awaits Linda's return to complete system installation and armor to 00Q.

Reunion with Linda

After Linda completed her work on the 2 new GN Drives and 00 Qan[T], Ian heads to a resource satellite based at the asteroid belt (between L-Point 4-5) to rendezvous with the Lab Transport. Within the base, Ian happily greeted Linda as she returned from her two year expedition to Jupiter. She and her engineer team oversaw the transfer of the new GN Drives and 00 Qan[T] for Ian's team to complete. While overseeing the transfer, Ian remarked on the new Gundam's potential.

In a high density particle field, consciousness becomes connected through Quantum Brainwaves. On the battlefield, it connects everyone's thoughts. It's the Gundam that Setsuna had hoped for. The 00 Qan[T]


Celestial Being

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Gundam Meisters
Setsuna F. Seiei
Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)
Allelujah Haptism
Crew of the Ptolemaios
Sumeragi Lee Noriega
Feldt Grace
Lasse Aeon
Lichtendahl Tsery
Mileina Vashti
Ian and Linda's daughter. Though not much to be known, but in the movie, Ian seems to be incredibly shocked when Mileina confessed her feelings for Tieria.
Joyce Moreno
Linda Vashti
Ian's wife. Ian greatly cares for her, though some of the Gundam Meisters does make fun of him as his wife is a lot younger than him.

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