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With the events of Fort Severn behind them, the Freeden gets ready for its next journey, putting into a safe place to make repairs and allowing for two of its Gundam pilots to have some time off. Roybea spends his time delivering roses to all of his girlfriends in the area, spending time with them before heading off to the next town and the next town to give her a rose as a token of his affection for her. He saves one final rose and a bottle of wine for the one woman how he truly loves and cares for, planning to visit her last.

As Roybea is off on his own, Witz returns to his hometown to visit with his surviving family and spoil his younger siblings with the earnings of the life he keeps secret from them. Sensing that something isn't right, and noticing changes in his childhood home he finds out a secret that his family was keeping from him, and his mother in turn berates him for being a mobile suit pilot. Leaving home he heads to a bar, sharing his tale with the bartender, the old man giving him some advice that helps put things into order. But his time with the man is cut short as the town comes under attack by a group of maruaders, and Witz defends his hometown with his Gundam, leaving one final gift for his family.


  • Roybea Loy and Witz Sou are the only regular characters to appear in this episode.
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