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Rejecting Ennil's offer and thinking that her plan is to kill him to get her money and the Gundam, Garrod nervously fires a shot off close to her head to scare her off. Running away from her he is attacked by another mobile suit pilot that was at the auction and failed to bid high enough to get it. The man attempts to beat the location of the Gundam and its control unit out of Garrod, but is stopped by a tall dark haired man that Garrod has never seen before and Olba Frost. Taking Garrod with them to a small outdoor cafe, the three introduce themselves to each other formally, the two men being Shagai and Olba Frost. When questioned by Garrod why they saved him, they reply that they have never lost a mobile suit battle till they came up against him, and that they want him to continue to pilot the Gundam X so that they can kill him in it and redeem their honor.

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