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While returning to Earth, the Double X is intercepted and captured by the Frost brothers in their upgraded Gundams and a fleet of New UNE ships and mobile suits. Taken to Earth, Garrod and Tiffa are brought before Fixx Bloodman, the leader of the New United Nations Earth and Tiffa uses her powers once more to discover the very same word as the SRA leaders heart in the man. Escaping from their guards, Garrod and Tiffa free Pala and recover the Double X and G-Falcon. As Garrod and Tiffa are escaping, a train carrying Jamil Neate and the crew of the Freeden stops in the middle of the deserted area, and the group is lined up for execution by the soldiers. But the execution is cut short, as a group of mobile suits appear and attack the train and New UNE soldiers.

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