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Free of the hold of the Ashtaron and of the mysterious power, Garrod lands a crippling blow to the Orc submarine, forcing it to surface and withdrawal along with Olba Frost. Going back to the Freeden, he learns that Tiffa has become possessed by the mind and power of a Newtype stronger than her, the mysterious woman on the Orc ship and the former instructor to Jamil Neate. She revels to all what happened to her 15 years ago shortly before the end of the war, and the crew agree to help Jamil free her from the ship and her capsule. Turning over control of the Gundam X Divider to Jamil, Garrod instead takes charge on the bridge of the Freeden for a short time, allowing Jamil to take part personally in the rescue of his friend. After defeating the Orc mobile suits, causing enough damage to their sub for them to abandon ship, the Gundam Pilots of the Freeden are faced with a new challenge as a large unknown force appears over the horizon.

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