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Upset about an accident that he caused that cost the Freeden time, money, and injuring crew members, Garrod sets off on his own to make things right by going to an abandoned nuclear power plant to try and salvage parts. As he reaches the plant, he is attacked by a group of mobile suits whose leader is determined to capture the Gundam X for herself. Meanwhile Tonyia tries to get Tiffa to help Garrod feel more comfortable, talking with the young girl and giving her some of her make up to wear to try and impress the boy. Discovering that Garrod has left the ship, and what he is up to, Jamil takes off in a Daughtress to try and stop the young boy, knowing that he does not know the dangers of messing with parts or equipment at a nuclear power plant. As Garrod dodges attacks and tries to fight back against his attackers, the mobile suits unwittingly damage the plant and cause as chain reaction leading to a nuclear meltdown.

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