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With the destruction of Satyricon, Lancerow returns to the Cloud 9 and is honored as a hero in a special award ceremony by Seidel Rasso. After the ceremony, he attends a special lunch with the SRA leader and invites Tiffa to come along with him as a special guest. As they talk about what a Newtype is and Seidels steadfast beliefs, Tiffa looks into his heart with her Newtype powers and picks one word out... D.O.M.E. Surviving the destruction of Satyricon, Pala and Garrod plan to take revenge for those killed in the SRA attack and rescue Tiffa at the same time by completing the mission that they would have done. Using the Satellite Cannons of the Double X, Garrod disrupts the firing of the Colony Laser, and forces Seidle to return Tiffa to him, firing the Satellite cannon one more time before headking back towards the Earth with Tiffa and Pala.

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