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At the snow covered town fortress of Fort Severn, the leaders of the town hold a conference, promoting that the town will forever be safe because of the young boy in charge of their military forces, Carris Nautilius is a Newtype. Officially joining the crew, Witz, Roybea, and Garrod make themselves comfortable on the Freeden as it heads towards a destination that Tiffa has detected the presence of a Newtype. But as the ship nears Fort Severn, Tiffa gets a vision that Garrod will be killed in combat against a strong enemy and begs him not to sorte when the Freeden comes under attack because the Newtype will be the death of him. Believing partly in what Tiffa has told him, Garrod goes out on sorte with Witz and Roybea as the Freeden comes under attack, meeting the Newtype that Tiffa sensed in a strange mobile suit. Feeling that if the pilot really is a Newtype that he can't possibly lose, Garrod engages the other pilot in battle.

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