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The I-SAVIOUR Illusion (aka I-Saviour) is a high-mobility mobile suit featured in the G-Saviour live-action film. It also appears in a promotional trailer for the film. One unit is piloted by Philippe San Simeone.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A limited production mobile suit developed by the Illuminati's Saviour team headed by John Saviour. Similar to the G-SAVIOUR G-Saviour Space Mode, it was developed with the aim of high mobility and maneuverability in zero-gravity conditions. The Illusion is notable for its lightweight armor and a large array of thrusters all around its body. One unusual trait of the Illusion are its feet, with avian-like claws that allow for easier footing on terrain. The Illusion's EP09-SC Type cockpit also features a 96 hour life support system which is longer than the 72 hours of the G-Saviour's EFX-8 Type cockpit.


  • 30mm Vulcan Guns
Used to thwart enemy movement or used for close range targets. It is mounted on the left clavicle section of the Illusion.
  • Beam Saber
The Illusion is equipped with two beam sabers. They are stored on top of the rear skirt armor.
  • Beam Shield
A beam shield can be emitted from a beam generator mounted on the left arm.
  • MC-1 thru MC-6 and MPC-1 thru MPC-4 Compatible Hand Weapons
  • Beam Rifle
A rapid-fire beam rifle that shoots blue beams. This is the same type of beam rifle used by the G-Saviour.

Special Equipment & Features

  • SHP-44 Compatible Modules
Compatible modules can be used with the Illusion.


Prior to the events of the film, the Illusion was deployed by the Illuminati to defend the New Manhattan Side 4 colony from the Marchosias terrorist organization's space forces.

Several of these units were deployed by the Illuminati in U.C. 0223 against CAF CCMS-03 Bugus and CAMW-13 MW-Rais during the "Light of Gaea" event.



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