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Angered by what Garrod did to his brother, Olba Frost returns to attack the Freeden to get vengeance, his attack forcing Jamil to once more take command of a mobile suit and defend the ship. The battle between the mobile suits spreads quickly into Fort Severn, and the chaos caused by it is used by Tiffa and Garrod to escape capture. Retreating to safety, Garrod watches and learns as Jamil fights against Carris in his Bertigo, the younger pilot breaking off his attack after he suffers a sudden mental break. Returning to the Freeden, Garrod informs everyone that the Mayor of Fort Severn is actually an ex-scientist from the Space Revolutionary Army, and he is planning to use either Tiffa or Carris to pilot a massive mobile armor called the Patulia. As he gives his report, Carris appears in his mobile suit and Garrod goes to meet him, the two young pilots engaging in a duel to settle things once and for all.

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