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Howl at the Moon is the first episode of ∀ Gundam.


A group of humanoid machines, "mobile suit FLATs," descends to Earth, and riding one such machine are three youths: Loran Cehack, Fran Doll, and Keith Laijie. Loran reaches the town of Vicinity in the eastern part of North Ameria. He finds himself drowning in a river, but is fortunately saved by a pair of sisters, Kihel and Sochie Heim. That day happens to be the town's coming-of-age ceremony where girls and boys who have reached the age of 15 carry a portable shrine towards the nearby Mount Ark. Representing the youths at the foot of the mountain, Kihel takes on the main role of the coming-of-age ceremony in front of the "White Doll" statue. Loran watches and is deeply moved by the performance. After working in a mine that the sisters' father runs for two years, Loran is promoted to working as a chauffeur. The day of his promotion, he meets Guin Sard Rhineford, the son of the leader of the principality of Inglessa and the one who saved him from coyotes two years ago.[1]


Act One

Act Two


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