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Howard Mason (ハワード・メイスン Howādo Meisun?) is a fictional character in Season 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Howard is a Union Flag pilot with the rank of Warrant Officer. Howard is assigned to the Anti-Gundam Investigative Squad (later renamed as Over Flags) at Graham Aker's request, and helps him in his pursuit of the Gundams.

Personality & Character

He seemed to have a friendship with Graham due to their belief in the qualities of the Flag.

Skills & Abilities


Anti-Celestial Being Campaign

Anti-Gundam Investigative Squad

Battle of Taribia

Azadistan Civil War

World Gundam Capture Operation

Capturing Dynames
Trinity Intervention

Trinity Base Attack

Captain Graham and remaining members of the Over Flags soon arrive and engages the Throne Zwei, but they pull out after one of their members, Howard Mason, is killed.


He was killed in action by Michael Trinity.

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