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Now completely under Ben Wooder's command, the Sudori is being resupplied with Hizacks, before the captain tells his crew to relay a message to Murasame Laboratory, requesting backup.

At the Audhumla, the crew cogitates the existance of a Titan's base in New Guinea, and Amuro suggests that they should target them, as they are sure to have shuttles that they can use to get back to space. But since they are out of Dodai units, the crew have no choice but to contact Luio & Co so they can stock up on equipment.

While Kamille is working on the Gundam Mk-II, Beltorchika approaches him and very bluntly tells him that he should hand the Gundam Mk-II to Amuro, since he has much more battle experience. Kamille thinks that Beltorchika is just feeling sorry for Amuro.

New shippings from the Murasame Laboratory reach the Sudori. One inclues a bizarrely large black mobile-suit; so big that it can't barely fit into the Sudori's hangar. Namicar Cornell, the head instructor at the Murasame Laboratory, and Four Murasame, one of their test subjects, come aboard. Four immediately asks Wooder for permission to act completely according to her own volitions in her next mission.

The Audhumla finally arrives at Hong Kong. After reaching Luio & Co, Amuro is shocked to find Mirai Yashima, now Mirai Noa, along with her two kids, Cheimin and Hathaway. They are on a waiting list for tickets to the colonies through the black market. When Amuro tries to contact Luio Woomin, he is assaulted by thugs on suits. Beltorchika, along with Mirai, escape the building, but both of them suddenly stop when faced with the terrifying image of a colossal black machine descending in the middle of the city.

Hayato sends Kamille in the Gundam Mk-II. Namicar is worried that, if Four would to suffer a mental breakdown in her first actual battle, she might not know friend from enemies, as the Cyber-Newtypes are still in their testing stages. Kamille and Four engage each other in the middle of the streets. Kamille, and other Newtypes around them, like Amuro and Mirai, fell the foreboding telepathic powers of Four.

Amuro escapes the Luio & Co building with Luio Woomin's daughter, Stephanie Luio, while Beltorchika and Mirai manages to return to the Audhumla. Kamille keeps fighting Four, but her Psyco Gundam proves to be a dangerous opponent; it's armor impervious to beam weapons. To make matters worse, the mobile-armor transforms itself into a mobile-suit like their previous enemies.

The fight causes catastrophic damage to the surroundings. For some reason, though, Four hesitates to shoot down two unmanned Nemo units sent by Hayato as reinforcements. Meanwhile, Amuro can't help but take notice of Kamille's lack of skills handling the situation, and Stephanie criticizes him for letting himself being mesmerized by the battle, telling him that such behavior makes Amuro lose perspective of things, while he tells her that it's only natural for a soldier and a pilot.

As the battle goes on, Four gets more and more uneasy as she experiences psychic sensations being emanated from Kamille's mind as he pushes forward. Unable to stand these feelings any longer, Four retreats, angrily telling Wooder and Namicar that the two of them couldn't possibly understand what that feels like without piloting the Psyco Gundam.

After loading the Audhumla with the necessary supplies that they were in need, Stephanie tells Hayato to give her regards to Amuro as she leaves. Meanwhile, in the ship, Mirai talks to Beltorchika about her husband, Bright, and their way of raising their children, but as an war orphan, Beltorchika fails to understand them.

At the hangar, Amuro and Kamille are having a discussion. Amuro tells Kamille that his ability to feel the enemy's emotion will make him one day grow to be a very valuable pilot to the AEUG as they talk about Earth, gravity and the human soul.

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  • Script: Akinori Endo
  • Unit Director: Toshifumi Kawase
  • Animation Director: Kisaraka Yamada