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Himalaya-class was a type of anti-submarine warfare carrier used by the Earth Federation Forces.[1]

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Himalaya-class resembles the Kiev-class aircraft carrier used by the Soviet Union. It is armed with a twin-gun turret, several missile launchers, a single cannon behind the bridge, and six anti-aircraft guns. It can carry around 30 Don Escargot, and has four landing spots for VTOL aircraft.[2]

By U.C. 0096, it appears to have been modernized, with its anti-aircraft guns replaced with rotary CIWS, as well as more and different equipment on its deck.


  • 2-barrel Main Gun Turret
The Himalaya-class mounts a twin-barreled main gun turret in front of the bridge as a main armment.
  • Single-barrel Secondary Gun Turret
The Himalaya-class mounts a single-barreled secondary gun turret aft of the bridge tower as a secondary armament.
  • Missile Launcher
The Himalaya-class is equipped with multiple missile launchers that are used for anti-submarine warfare. They are mounted near the bow of the ship, in font of the 2-barrel main gun turret.
  • AA/AMS Defense
The Himalaya-class is equipped with multiple single barreled gun turrets weapons that serve as an anti-air and anti-mobile suit defense against missiles and fighters. There are two port and starboard of the aft of the ship, while there are two more mounted portside of the main flight deck. Some refits like the Westmorland mounted an additional two on the bow of the ship, in front of the missile launchers. Later designs had the single-barreled gun turrets replaced by rotary CIWS defenses.


The Himalaya-class entered service before the One Year War. After the outbreak of the war, they became the flagships of anti-submarine groups - special formations created to counter the Principality of Zeon's submarine fleets. Several dozen new ships were constructed during the middle stage of the war.[1]

In late May, a Himalaya-class carrier, the Westmorland, served as the flagship of a Federation fleet tasked with retaking the Port Moresby base. The ship, along with much of the rest of the fleet, was sunk by Zeon's new MSM-03 Gogg mobile suits.[3]

On November 24, Zeon's Mad Angler Team, led by Char Aznable, attacked a Federation anti-submarine group while tracking the White Base, sinking a Himalaya-class.[4][5]

The Himalaya-class would still be in service in U.C. 0096, when a ship of this class, along with a team of RAG-79 Aqua GMs, were destroyed by the AMA-X7 Shamblo off the shore of the Torrington Base during an attack by Zeon Remnants.[6]

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