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Hilda Harken (ヒルダ・ハーケン) is a fictional character that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

Personality & Character

A supporter of the Clyne family and their peaceful future for humanity, Hilda is extremely dedicated and loyal to Lacus Clyne. She wears an eye patch, but this is a decoration, not a disability.

Skills & Abilities

She is the leader of the Dom Trooper team, and the machines they pilot have numbering on the left shoulder and right leg to identify them, with Hilda being "003".


Hilda was a ZAFT Red Coat who supported PLANT Chairman Siegel Clyne and his cooperative vision for the future. After the First Alliance-PLANT War, Hilda left ZAFT and joined the Three Ships Alliance, working under its information group, Terminal.

Second Alliance-PLANT War

Hilda and her teammates piloted their ZGMF-XX09T DOM Trooper during ZAFT's Invasion of Orb.[1] Hilda continued to fight for the Three Ships Alliance up until the Battle of Messiah. After the war, when Lacus was made the new Chairwoman of the PLANT, Hilda rejoined ZAFT and re-acquired her Red Coat status.[2]



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