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High Grade IRON-BLOODED ARMS (HGIBA) is a line of 1/144 scale Gunpla kits for the 2015 anime Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS. It is an expansion series for the 1/144 High Grade IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS line.

HGIBA # Model Yen Price Release Date Notes
Mobile Suit Option Set 1 & CGS Mobile Worker ¥600 2015 October Includes Smoothbore Gun for HGIBO-001, shield for HGIBO-002, Lance Unit for HGIBO-003, and a TK-53 CGS Mobile Worker.
Mobile Suit Option Set 2 & CGS Mobile Worker Space Type ¥600 2015 November Includes ground-use booster unit and bazooka for HGIBO-002/004, revolver-type grenade launcher and 4-tube rocket launcher for HGIBO-005/006/010, and a TK-53/s CGS Mobile Worker Space Type.
Mobile Suit Option Set 3 & Gjallarhorn Mobile Worker ¥600 2016 January Includes Gusion Axe and Gusion Chopper for HGIBO-009, a halberd for HGIBO-013 and a NK-17 Gjallarhorn Mobile Worker.
Mobile Suit Option Set 4 & Union Mobile Worker ¥600 2016 February Includes battle blade for HGIBO-002, Kimaris booster for HGIBO-011, and a UW-33 Union Mobile Worker.

HGIBA # Model Yen Price Release Date Notes
Mobile Suit Option Set 5 & Tekkadan Mobile Worker ¥600 2016 October Includes Long Rifle, Buster Sword, Twin Maces, two 200 mm Guns, hand parts for HGIBO-021, TK-56 Tekkadan Mobile Worker, and joint parts.
Mobile Suit Option Set 6 & HD Mobile Worker ¥600 2016 November Includes HD-21 HD Mobile Worker, two Arm Rocket Launchers, Bladed Bat, Multi-Weapon Pack, antenna and visors for HGIBO-025, hand parts for HGIBO-021, and joint parts.
Mobile Suit Option Set 7 ¥600 2016 December First HGIBA kit with a multi-color parts runner. Also the first HGIBA kit to not include a Mobile Worker. Includes two Short-Barreled Cannons, two Assault Knives, Large Railgun, Long Range Railgun, hand parts for HGIBO-027 and joint parts.
Mobile Suit Option Set 8 & SAU Mobile Worker ¥600 2017 February Includes SAU-17 SAU Mobile Worker, Land Mace, Pickel, Claw Shield, two Variable Maces, hand parts for HGIBO-024, and joint parts.
Mobile Suit Option Set 9 ¥600 2017 March Includes leg parts to convert HGIBO-008 into UGY-R41 Landman Rodi, head and skirt parts to convert HGIBO-026 into EB-04jc4 Geirail Scharfrichter, feet and backpack parts to convert HGIBO-002 into EB-06j Graze Ground Type, and two rifles for HGIBO-023.

HGIBA # Model Yen Price Release Date Notes
210 mm Anti Materiel Rifle & Pile Bunker Shield ¥840 2016 October Gundam Ace December 2016 issue exclusive kit. The rifle is for HGIBO-019, while the shield and joints set can be used by other HG kits.

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