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He's The Undefeated of the East! Master Asia Appears is the twelfth episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Reports of the Devil Gundam surfacing in Shinjuku send Domon and Rain to Neo Japan. They run into an army of Death Army mobile suits controlled by the Devil Gundam and Domon tries to call his Shining Gundam. However, a masked man tells him not to and defeats the mobile suits with his bare hands. Domon immediately recognizes the fighting style of his teacher, Master Asia. The reunion is warm, but there is no time for idleness, as the situation turns dire. Domon joins the fight against the Death Army alongside his master, and together they take out hundreds of mobile suits. It is then revealed the Death Army is piloted by DG Cell contaminated zombie soldiers.

Important Events

Featured Gundam Fights

Master Asia vs. Death Beast

  • Winner: Master Asia

Shining Gundam and Kowloon Gundam vs. Death Army and Death Beast

  • Winners: Shining Gundam and Kowloon Gundam
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