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Hatte is a colony government featured in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin and its OVA adaptation. They controlled Side 2 and had an openly antagonistic stance against the Zeon early in the One Year War [1], deciding to stand with the Federation to oppose Zeon [2]. This lead to Zeon's invasion of their colonies, and usage of their capital, Island Iffish, in Operation British, where Zeon mercilessly gassed civilians and dropped the colony onto Earth [3].


Hatte Defense Force

The Hatte Defense Force were armed with Vollhog fighters.


Island Iffish

Also known as "Capital Banchi", Zeon used mobile workers to coat the windows with heat-resistant materials and then killed the residents with GG gas. After attaching propulsion systems onto the exterior, they moved the colony into low-earth-orbit, with the intention of dropping it onto Jaburo, the Tianem Fleet however intercepted Island Iffish and opened fire in order to divert it away from Jaburo. The efforts of the Tianem Fleet broke the colony into three portions. The dock portion hit Sydney, Australia, causing the most damage. Another portion hit Canada, causing much debris to be spread over North America. The third portion hit the western Pacific Ocean, causing tsunamis that killed many in densely populated East Asia [3].


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