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Dashed Tear (破線の涙 Hasen no Namida?) is a song by Masayoshi Yamazaki. It is used as the ending of the sixth installment of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, Rise of the Red Comet.

Ending Video

Zeon ships approach the Earth and H.L.Vs descend. MS-06 Zaku IIs are shown engaging in combat at various locations and more H.L.Vs descend with more Zakus stepping out. Lights of entire cities are cut out.

Zeonic flags are raised in the streets as M'Quve, head of the Earth Invasion Force, parades with tanks in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

Romeo Garcia's forces set a city ablaze.

Garma Zabi smiles in front of the Hollywood sign and then parades in front of the Los Angeles Town Hall in his personal Gallop-class.

Gaws make their ascent and attack the Amazon and Grand Canyon.

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