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Hans Holger (ハンス・ボルガー) is a fictional character in the Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Hans Holger is the Gundam Fighter of Neo Denmark and the pilot of GF13-026ND Mermaid Gundam. He travels with his younger sister Cecile, and their parents are apparently dead or otherwise absent from their lives. He is a good-natured person and very fond of his sister.

He participated in the 13th Gundam Fight, where he advanced to the final rounds in Neo Hong Kong. His success was due in part to his amphibious Gundam, which reached its full capacity in the water, able to transform into a "fisherman" form that decimated foes. However, the expense of building the Gundam left Neo Denmark with little money to repair it after battles.

Hans met his upcoming opponent Sai Saici while looking for his sister Cecile in the city and discovered that the two had taken quite a liking to each other. However, Sai had given Cecile a false name, hiding his identity as a Gundam Fighter. Hans told her the truth, unhappy that his opponent had lied to his sister but not really holding a grudge.

In their match the next day, Sai Saici arrived with only a few seconds to go on the clock. Hans was thrilled; although he would have won by forfeit, he wanted to win a fair fight. When the match started, Hans stabbed through the platform with his trident to submerge the Gundams and transform into the fisherman mode. In that form, Mermaid Gundam was far more agile than the land-based Dragon Gundam. It appeared that Hans had victory secured, and he thought to finish off his opponent with a final blow. However, Sai Saici had torn off his own Gundam's arm and hidden in a cloud of sediment. He ambushed Hans and defeated him. Hans was shocked, but didn't resent the loss. The damage Mermaid Gundam took in the match was too much for it to continue fighting, forcing Hans and Cecile to return to Neo Denmark.

When the Devil Gundam overtook the colony of Neo Japan, Neo Denmark sent all available mobile units to fight it. Hans led the way in the repaired Mermaid Gundam, attacking the Devil Gundam's tentacles in an attempt to save Earth.


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