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Hangerg Ewin (ハンゲルグ・エヴィン Hangerugu Evin?) is a fictional character in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. He is one of the founders of the League Militaire, and the father of protagonist Üso Ewin.


One of the founders of League Militaire, Hangerg was one of the first to take action in response to BESPA's tyranny towards Earth at the onset of the Zanscare War. He had to hide his identity to be able to act secretly with the rise of Zanscare and had done the necessary to receive the support of the Earth Federation Forces when the treaty was violated by the Zanscare Empire.

Üso found him in space when the League Militaire and the Earth Federation fought together to destroy Angel Halo. Nevertheless, Uso found that his father is very different from his memories and consider him a stranger. After the battle against the Zanscare Empire, it is said that he left to fight the Jupiter Development Corporation, which is considered to be the next threat.


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