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Hoping to rescue Leina, Judau hides in a dummy meteor and infiltrates Axis. There, he meets a young girl calling herself Elpeo Ple. Meanwhile, having given Glemy the slip, Leina meets up with Beecha and Mondo, who have managed to get away from Gottn. Together, they try to escape from Axis.


Glemy Toto meets Axis leader Haman Karn at her palace and apologies for the destruction of the Endra. She tells him to think of it as the high cost of his education. Upon pointing out the recent flurry of activity Glemy is told that the main Axis force is preparing to invade Earth, led by Haman herself to improve organization. Judau sneaks into Axis in a dummy asteroid and emerges without any trouble. Fed up of their lives with the Axis soldiers Beecha and Mondo decide to rescue Leina and escape back to the Argama. Eventually Judau ends up at Haman's palace and she points a pistol at him after he fell off the window ledge and into some roses. He escapes into space but Elpeo Ple tells him that Leina was in the mobile suit that crashed near Haman's palace so he returns to Axis.

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