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Hakaimaru is a character in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


Hakaimaru appears in SD Gundam Force: Destructive Daishogun Appears!! Zako?, a live action attraction in Japan that took place between episodes 26 and 27 of the series. The theater video footage was added to the SD Gundam Force Box Set.


Hakaimaru, also known as the Ark Destructive Daishogun Hakaimaru, seeks to unify the world that holds both Ark and Lacroa under one banner. To do so he teams up with Da Jarle, Knight of the Hammer, and use a Zakarello Mobile. Having a bath fetish, Hakaimaru has his command station fashioned into a 'Super Bathhouse'.

The alliance of the two is thwarted by the combined effort of the Zako's that make up the Super Dimensional Guard's cleaning crew, the Gundam Force, and the audience.


  • Hakaimaru was created by Masato Ichishiki, the author of SD Gundam Musha Maruden/SD Gundam Force Emaki Musharetsuden/SD Gundam Musha Banchō Fūunroku.
  • Shinya Hashimoto, a Japanese pro-wrestler was used for the motion capture data of Hakaimaru.
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