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The HG-02R Rick-Do Gyanko is a Gunpla appearing in Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue. A variation of the HG-01 Hyper Gyanko that uses the appearance of the MS-09R Rick Dom, it is built by Tateo Sazaki.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Rick-Do Gyanko is a costume variation of the Hyper Gyanko.[1] As implied by its name, the Gunpla’s motif is based on the Rick Dom and it also incorporates characteristics of the ground-use MS-09B Dom.[1] Taking to heart an advice from a veteran Gunpla builder that the YMS-15 Gyan is not everything, this is the first time Tateo (a member of the Gyan loving Sazaki family) used a motif other than the Gyan.[1] There is also significant compatibility between the Rick Dom, a heavy mobile suit, with Tateo’s sister, Kaoruko Sazaki whose image is the basis for the Hyper Gyanko.[1]

The abilities of the Rick-Do Gyanko are in stark contrast to that of the Gyan based Hyper Gyanko.[1] It has improved firepower and output, as well as enhanced mobility for use in ground combat and for combat in or out of the atmosphere.[1] The Rick-Do Gyanko specializes in attack and evasion, and can maneuver in ways that is unimaginable from its appearance.[1] It is sure to impress all with its cute potential as a combat type Gunpla’Cos Heroine.[1]


  • Giant Bazooka
A large scale, solid shell, heavy weapon that is synonymous with the Dom.[1] The Rick-Do Gyanko is powerful enough to wield this weapon with ease.[1] Thanks to the use of the long bazooka arm units on the Gunpla’s back, the giant bazooka and the beam bazooka can be moved independently at the same time.[1]
  • Beam Bazooka
A powerful beam weaponry used by some Rick Doms during the One Year War.[1] Though it has issues such as the time it takes for charging its power, it has high particle filling rate and can fire a deadly blast.[1]
  • Heat Saber
Unlike a beam saber, the blade of this close combat weapon is heated to melt and cut through the opponent.[1] Combined with the Rick-Do Gyanko’s power, the heat saber can also be used as a terrifying blunt weapon capable of striking and easily knocking the opponent out.[1] Stored on the back when not in use.[1]
  • Diffuse Beam Gun
Installed on the Rick-Do Gyanko’s left breast, Tateo positioned it there to stay true to the Dom’s design.[1] This weapon deals little damage, but is useful for blinding the opponent.


  • Dom Cap
A cute cap shaped like the Dom’s head, it has an auxiliary mono-eye sensor for tracking the opponent.[1]


The Rick-Do Gyanko is Tateo’s first Gunpla in which he chose a motif other than the Gyan, prompting the Gyan loving Sazaki family to hold an emergency family meeting.[1] After many hours of discussion, they reached the conclusion that it is fine as the Rick Dom (the Rick-Do Gyanko’s motif) is made by the same Zimmad Company that is behind the Gyan.[1]

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