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Gyunei Guss (ギュネイ・ガス?) is a fictional character from the film Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.

Personality & Character

Gyunei is a Cyber Newtype serving under Char Aznable's second Neo Zeon movement. Unlike past Cyber Newtypes, Gyunei is in full control of himself physically and mentally, and uses his modifications to full effect on the battlefield. Despite his proficiency, Gyunei feels frequently ostracized, feeling that people only recognize his accomplishments due to his enhancements as opposed to skill, causing him to perceive most people as belittling him. This becomes exacerbated after he becomes infatuated with Quess Paraya, causing him to seek out any opportunity to prove himself superior to Char, the true object of her affections.


Second Neo Zeon War

Gyunei served as a bodyguard and wingman for Char Aznable, who by this time had become the leader of the Neo Zeon movement. He was first seen engaging Amuro Ray with his Jagd Doga just as Char was preparing to drop the Fifth Luna asteroid onto Earth. Despite his artificially enhanced abilities, Gyunei was no match for the more experienced Amuro thus prompting Char to intervene. Together they drove off Amuro and the rest of Londo Bell allowing the asteroid to strike the Earth Federation headquarters at Lhasa.

Gyunei was later seen piloting a Hobby Hizack, which he used to help train Quess Paraya, who had just defected from the Earth Federation. He quickly developed an interest in Quess, but she merely scorned all of his attempts to get closer to her saying that she was in love with Char.

Later in battle, Gyunei used the funnels of his Jagd Doga to successfully destroy a full nuclear barrage intended to destroy the asteroid Axis. He also took Londo Bell pilot Kayra Su hostage and killed her when Amuro Ray refused to hand over the RX-93 ν Gundam in exchange, forcing Gyunei to retreat.

Despite this setback, Gyunei was still proud of the fact that he stopped the nuclear barrage and his ego was blown to the point that he no longer followed Char wholeheartedly. He told Quess that Char never really loved her and that he only went out with Nanai Miguel in order to keep up appearances as the leader of Neo Zeon. Gyunei added that Char may be into young girls, but his one true love was Lalah Sune, whom he lost during the One-Year War. Quess slaped Gyunei and vowed to kick Lalah and Nanai out of Char's life forever, which made Gyunei more determined to outdo Char. However, Char told Gyunei that he had no interest in Quess and cared only for Nanai.

Gyunei and Quess later went out into battle together and confront Amuro in the ν Gundam, but Amuro got the better of them both with his funnels and killed Gyunei with a direct shot from his beam rifle.

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