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The Gunpla Mafia are a group of "underworld-type" Gunpla Fighters that appear in the Gundam Build Fighters series. They are also the central antagonists of the Gundam Build Fighters: GM's Counterattack OVA.


Since the inception of Gunpla Battle, the Gunpla Mafia are known to use Gunpla for nefarious purposes for monetary gain. The founder of the organization, Chairman Mashita's twin brother Mikio Mashita, planned to use his power underground alongside Chairman Mashita's power over PPSE to control Gunpla and its profits.

The Gunpla Mafia ceased to exist after its remaining members were arrested.[1]


  • Mikio Mashita - The boss of the group, he was arrested by Takeshi Iori following the defeat of the remaining Gunpla Mafia members.
  • Gawain Oakley - Turned to the group after being fired by Team Nemesis.
  • C - Arrested by Takeshi Iori following his defeat.
  • E - Arrested with the other remaining members.
  • J - Arrested with the other remaining members.
  • Nenene - Arrested with the other remaining members.


  • The group's initials are "G.M.", as seen on their jackets. Fittingly, many of their Gunpla include GM-type units.


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