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Gunpla Idol Kirara ⭐️ (ガンプラアイドル キララ☆ Ganpura Aidoru Kirara?) is the fourth episode of Gundam Build Fighters.


Sei and Reiji are advancing smoothly through the Gunpla Battle Championship. Then, on a certain day, a woman calling herself Mihoshi appears at the hobby shop owned by Sei's family. Sei immediately hits it off with Mihoshi, who has a wealth of Gunpla knowledge. Mihoshi makes a deep impression on Sei, and as he advances through the championship, she repeatedly comes to see him at school as well as at the store. Seeing the two of them happily discussing Gunpla, China is greatly disturbed. And Yuki, who is with her, feels an indescribable anxiety when he sees Mihoshi. On the day of the championship, Sei and Reiji are perfectly positioned to fight. But before them appears a singing woman named Kirara... Kirara, the Akihabara-style Gunpla idol![1]


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