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This is an article about the Gundlander series; a subsection of SD Gundam that lasted four years.


Unlike the SD Gundam series of Musha, Knight, and Commando; Gundlander tends to focus on a more fantasy setting in the pre-historic settings.  The SD units consists of tribes called Monstro-Slayers (MS for short).  Many things they have in common are various horn protrusions througout the body, especially the head; and also a set of "dragon jaws" on their chest and abdomen, capable of absorbing energy from the atmosphere. Unlike the other SD Gundam series, the word Gundam is not actually used; instead the heroes tend to use the word "Lander"  in their names.  They're also treated like living beings instead of being machines similar to Musha Gundams.

While there were some Carddass cards and a few plastic models, Gundlander focused more on the Gashapon toys.  They had little gimmicks like transforming and holding weapons, and even combining together.  Some of these gimmicks are later used for various other models. There are even board games of Gundlander as well as several mangas written for the storylines.

Unfortunately, due to complicated storylines, the Gundlander series was not very popular.  It lasted four years with four acs.  Despite this, Gundlander is still being used in some media like SD Gundam Ultimate Battle Carddass cards and the story SD Gundam: The Last World.

Series List

The four stories are as follows:

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