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The Gundamusai (ガンダムサイ) is a ship that appears in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


Captured following the failed invasion of Neotopia, the Magna-Musai was put into service by the Super Dimensional Guard. The ship was repainted and repaired following the battle, with its bridge section switched to a Gundam styled head instead of a Zako's. The Gundamusai is controlled by its own A.I. named RAIMI, which is able to command the ship as well as maintain other functions.

The Gundamusai is used by the Gundam Force in order to travel through the Minov Sea to reach Lacroa and Ark. Its forward hold is fitted with a Re-Equip Ring to outfit Captain Gundam for battle.

The Gundamusai was destroyed when Kibaomaru severed the bridge from the main body and nearly sent it into a dimensional crack. Only Genkimaru's portal abilities and the intervention of his future self, Daishogun, brought both parts to Ark. RAIMI was able to effect repairs and had the Gundamusai ready for the final battle against General Zeong. Once the battle was concluded, the Gundamusai first went to Lacroa to free its petrified inhabitants before being sent back to Neotopia.

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