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A complete list of the timelines used in the various Gundam series.

Universal Century

Universal Century, often abbreviated as "UC", is the English name for the original timeline of the Gundam metaseries. Its Japanese name is "Uchuu Seiki", meaning "Space Era". The Universal Century remains by far the most developed timeline with the largest number of works. Note that the following list consists only of animated and live action works.

Future Century

Future Century is the timeline of the anime television series Mobile Fighter G Gundam and its related projects.

After Colony/Mars Century

After Colony is the timeline of the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing series, and is often abbreviated as "AC." The After Colony timeline involve the space colonies' struggle for freedom from earth-based organization (such as United Earth Sphere Alliance and the Organization of the Zodiac), and the Gundams were built as way of defending the plight of the colonies to escape this oppression.

Mars Century, abbreviated as "MC", is a continuation of the After Colony timeline used on Mars. The story takes place within the Mars Sphere and is broken up with flashbacks of the After Colony era's history.

The After Colony timeline is the third most developed, with one TV series, one OVA series and a compilation movie. Mars Century consists of one novel.

After War

After War is the timeline set after an apocalyptic war world, and has many similarities with the Universal Century. After War is the only timeline, besides the U.C., to feature Newtypes as an important element.

Correct Century

The Correct Century is the timeline used in ∀ Gundam. Its Japanese name, 'Seireki', is a wordplay on the Japanese term for the Common Era (C.E.) Western calendar system (西暦; also pronounced Seireki). Its kanji literally means "Correct Calendar".

Cosmic Era

Cosmic Era (often abbreviated as "C.E.") is the timeline of the Gundam SEED series. It is the only Gundam timeline after the original Universal Century with multiple TV series. It is also the second most developed, with two TV series, one ONA and two compilation movies.

Anno Domini

Anno Domini is a timeline where the events of Gundam 00 (which uses the Gregorian calendar) take place.

Advanced Generation

The Advanced Generation (often abbreviated as "AG" or "A.G.") is the timeline of the Gundam AGE. Gundam AGE is set several hundred years since mankind migrated into space and started living in space colonies. Wars on Earth had long ended, and the world seemed to have entered a peaceful era.

Regild Century

The Regild Century is the setting of Gundam Reconguista in G. It is set chronologically about a thousand years after the end of the Universal Century, and roughly 500 years after the Correct Century.

Post Disaster

The Post Disaster era is a timeline set 300 years after a devastating war known as the "Calamity War".