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Refer to Special:Uncategorizedpages

Categories group articles with similar topics together to allow easier browsing of the articles. Ideally, all articles should be in at least one category. Articles in need of categorization can be found here.

Help Pages

Refer to Help:Content

The help pages are still in the formative stage. If you have any ideas on how you can help others get started in editing the Gundam Wiki, write and article or add on to the existing articles. The help articles can be found here.

Short Pages

Refer to Special:Shortpages

Some articles are merely placeholders, waiting for an intrepid user such as yourself to come along and expand upon them. Short articles, sorted in order of their brevity, can be found here.

Incomplete Pages

Refer to Category:Expansion Needed

Some articles may be full articles but users can flag them as articles in need of expansion if they feel that the articles have yet to meet their potential. These may sometimes overlap with short pages. Articles in need of expansion can be found here.

Non-existent Pages

Refer to Special:Wantedpages and Category:Excessive Redlinks

Some topics are referenced by many pages, but do not have an article about them yet. These heavily-referenced topics, sorted by the number of references they have, can be found here.

Some pages may reference to many topics but many of these topics do not have articles about them. These can create gaps in the article as readers would be unable to read up further on the referenced topics. Articles that have excessive redlinks can be found here.

Requested Pages

Refer to Gundam Wiki:Requests

Unavailable articles may be requested by users. Articles that have been requested can be found here here.


Refer to Category:Gundam Quote

Have a memorable quote from a character of a series you have watched or read and you can't find it in the relevant Quote page for the character? Add the quote to the page!

See Help:Quote for the instructions on adding quotes.


Refer to Category:Imageless

Articles would look very dull without a relevant image. Images can convey more vividly what words may fail to express. Articles that are in need of images can be found here. Before you can add an image, you would have to upload the image.

Chained Redirects

Refer to Special:DoubleRedirects

Sometimes, an article redirects to another article, which in turn redirects to yet another article. In extreme cases, there might be more than two redirects. When this happens, instead of smoothly being redirected, a user must click through to the third page. In order to prevent this, we try to eliminate chained redirects. All redirects should point directly to their final destination. Double redirects that need to be fixed can be found here.


Refer to Category:Sourceless

We strive to provide accurate information here on Gundam Wiki. In order to do so, we would need to have proper source citation. Articles that are in need of source citation can be found here.

See Gundam Wiki:Manual of Style for guidelines on source citation.

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