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Gundam Wiki articles should be based on reliable, published sources. If no reliable sources can be found on a topic, Gundam Wiki should not have an article on it.

If you were led here by a "citation needed" link, this page can help as a starting point.

The most reliable sources are the official works of Gundam fiction that are created by or under license from Sunrise. This includes chapters and episodes for longer works. Citing these works of fiction should be done using Template:ref.

This page directs you to the categories and webpages where trusted and official sources that are supplementary to those works of fiction can be found, and the appropriate template that should be used to cite them.

Printed Media

Printed media that have their own articles should be cited using Template:ref book. Their articles, which should have buttons that automatically copy the citation codes for you, are found in the following categories:

If you wish to cite printed Gundam media that does not have an article yet, it is encouraged that you create an article for it and then use Template:ref book because this allows future citations to be in the same format. Template:Cite book can still be used for citing printed media that is not inherently Gundam specific e.g. Newtype magazine.

Instruction Manuals

Please use Template:Cite book. The date parameter should be the release date of the model kit or figure. The id parameter should be the JAN (Japanese Article Number). Please put "JAN " before the actual number.

If you are citing a specific page of the manual (the more specific the better), you can add a link to an unwatermarked scan of the page uploaded to the Wiki in the url parameter. If you cannot find an unwatermarked scan to upload, you should instead provide an external link to the appropriate image on or

File Collections

Individual file sheets should be cited. The templates will fill out the publishing information for you.

Audio-Visual Media

Embedded videos can be linked to directly; add a colon before "File" to link instead of embed. For physical video releases, use Template:Cite AV media with:

  • The physical media format or medium (VHS, β, LD, CD, DVD, Blu-ray)
  • Catalog number or manufacturer reference
  • The Universal Product Code (UPC) or JAN goes into the id parameter.


Please use Template:Cite web.

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