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Oops, looks like you found a page that has been protected from editing. Administrators from the Gundam Wiki Project have determined that this page should not be editted. This is most likely a temporary restriction.

Why is this page protected?

There are several good reasons why pages here are protected; however, the page you attempted to edit is probably protected for one of these reasons:

  • The page contains important legal information. These pages explain what the licensing restrictions are, and where we draw the legal power use copyright material. Such information may be important enough to warrant protection.
  • This page contains Gundam Wiki guideline(s) and/or policy(s). These pages outline procedures and requirements for the community, and may be protected to ensure that such guidelines and policies are upheld.
  • This page is very visible. Sometimes a high traffic page becomes a target for vandals who add inappropriate content to the page. If this happens enough the page may be protected so that first time visitors to the site get the right impression.
  • The page is the subject of an edit war. Edit wars on a page can result in it being temporarily protected until all parties involved in the war agree to a peace plan, or at the very least a cease fire.

To help determine which of these answers best applies to you situation check the protected page's talk page. An explaination for the protection can be found there.

Who protected the page?

Only administrators can protect and unprotect pages. To ascertain which administrator protected the page click on the history tab at the top of the page. This will open the edit history for the page, along with edit commentary.

When can I edit the page again?

As long as the page remains protected only administrators will be able to edit it. In cases of simple vandalism the page protection or highly visably pages, such as those out on the main page, the page protection should expire within 24 hours. In the case of pages deemed to be importanat enough to be permently protected the only way you will be able to edit the page is to become an administator yourself.

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