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Gundam Sousei (ガンダム創世?) is an fiction based story involving Yoshiyuki Tomino's trials and tribulations in attempting to create the next generation in Japanese anime. This is the story of the events surrounding the creation of the Mobile Suit Gundam series and its shaky and turbulent foundation. While this story is mainly fictional, the central elements and characters are indeed real which gives some factual basis for the story.


he famous Gundam series marked top rankings in popularity for a long time. What was the secret? How was Gundam born? What’s the story behind Gundam? For the first time ever, we take a step out of the actual Gundam plotline, and we turn the perspective towards the production of Gundam; how it became a major hit surpassing its predecessor, Japanese Battleship Yamato.This story is fictional, but the names of the characters are real, including the voice actors and director.




  • Vol. 1 ISBN 978-4-04-121006-2 (January 24, 2014)
  • Vol. 2 ISBN 978-4-04-121007-9 (January 24, 2014)

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