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Gundam Senki is a Japanese Pencil and Paper (or Table Talk) Role Playing Game, released in the year 2000 and published by T.O.Y International Inc/Aspect. It retails at ¥4800, its ISBN is 4-7572-0658-5. It should NOT be confused with other Gundam "Table-Talk" RPGs such as "Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 RPG; Role Playing Game of A YEAR WAR" and Mobile Suit Gundam The RPG", which both use O.R.G's system from the Gundam Sentinel RPG. The game focuses on the Universal Century timeline, specifically on the One Year War era, and uses a licensed version of R. Talsorian Games' Mekton Zeta system. Some modifications have been made to the system; in particular the mobile suit stats differ slightly from standard Mekton Zeta ones, and the damage system is randomised. The game is licensed to be released in the United States by R. Talsorian, but has yet to be released as of May 2007. However, the translation was confirmed by the translator as being completed sometime in 2003 on the forums.

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