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Gundam Seed Character Theater (Tanekyara Gekijō,たねきゃら劇場)is a special comedy with Shorts animated running 4 minutes based in serie TV Gundam SEED and Gundam Seed Destiny,released with Seed Supernova fan discs in 2007.


The first two shorts feature the original SEED cast and showcases the many efforts of Yzak Joule, who is trying to reclaim his honor from Athrun Zala, while learning how to invoke SEED mode, after having been one-upped at seemingly every contest with him since his childhood.

The third and fourth shorts feature the Minerva team being sent back in time, on a number of comical missions from Gil in an attempt to disrupt key events of the SEED era, with disastrous yet hilarious effect.



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  • Running gags: Yzak shouting "Damn these civilians!"(first and second), Dearka mentioning the word "old man" (first and second)
  • The injuries Yzak sustained in the first short are the following:
    • Being bit by BuCUE Dogs
    • Being shot numerous times by Dearka's rifle (Which resembles the Buster Gundam's Anti-Armor Shotgun)
    • Being dragged and tied behind Dearka's ship (Resembling a Nazca-class battleship) causing his head to be hit by rocks
  • In the scene where Yzak was bitten by BuCUE Dogs, the background looks exactly the same as the Open Lot from Doraemon.
  • In the third short, after Shinn crashes into Tori, it falls into the ocean and explodes and a thunder strikes in the background, referencing the scene where Destiny Gundam destroys Athrun's Gouf Ignited.
  • During Lacus' concert in the fourth short, Shinn (disguised as Lacus) pulls out an "Excalibur" anti-ship sword and destroys various background props, including an Orb warship and a Zamza-Zah. Todaka attempts to stop him, only to be crushed by falling debris. This references the Impulse Gundam's battle against the Zamza-Zah and the Orb fleet, as well as Todaka's death at Shinn's hand.
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